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Replace your existing skylight with a NEW Solar Skylight and SAVE!

If your existing skylight looks like this...

Replace it with this and save big!


The Go Solar Initiative

Install a solar skylight & save with a 26% tax credit.


When you Go Solar by purchasing VELUX solar-powered products for your home, you are eligible for a federal solar tax credit on the entire cost of your products and installation. Just ask for the Go Solar option with your skylight to save big!

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Be sure to ask about remote controls!

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Have questions about replacing an old skylight? Schedule a FREE consultation today!

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No Leak Warranty

All skylights, and their installation by SUNBURST SKYLIGHTS, are guaranteed not to leak  for 10 years from the date of installation (unless otherwise stated). In addition, each Skylight Manufacturer offers product warranties up to to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Add natural light & fresh air to your space today.

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