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Skylight Installation

Installation happens in two worry-free phases.

1. Roof Top

Depending on the circumstances such as roof pitch, interior light shaft depth and shape, and weather conditions, installations can take between half a day, and three days. The rooftop portion of the installation includes cutting the hole and fastening the skylight to the roof. 

Once the skylight is secure, we then use three layers of protection to prevent water intrusion, and integrate the skylight into your roofing material. A No-Leak skylight completes the rooftop portion of the installation. 

The three layers of protection include:

   1. Factory applied foam roof deck seal.

   2. Proprietary waterproof membrane.

   3. Model-specific metal flashing kits.

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Dust Protection

Installers will make every effort to protect your home's interior from dust and other installation debris. Often, we will construct a curtain of plastic sheeting around the space in your ceiling where the skylight will be installed. This is used to contain the dust.


2. Interior

It takes about half a day per skylight to complete the interior portion of the installation, which includes drywall work and painting. The type of ceiling in your home—vaulted or flat—will also effect the amount of time it takes to complete the interior portion of the installation.

Flat ceilings require more drywall work than vaulted ceilings. If you have a flat ceiling, your installer will use drywall to build a shaft to the skylight, through the attic area, to direct the daylight into the room. Your installer will finish and paint the light shaft to match the surrounding ceiling area.

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We service all communities from Santa Barbara south to Santa Monica.


Sun Tunnel Installation

Hassle-Free Sun Tunnel Installation

1. Rooftop

For Sun Tunnel skylights, the installer will use a ladder to get up on the roof. They will then cut a hole through the sheathing and install the top collar. They will finish this portion of work by installing the upper part of the reflective tunnel, the lens and the flashing.

2. Interior

For Sun Tunnel skylights, the installer will cut a hole in the ceiling, install the lower portion of the reflective tunnel between the rooftop and the ceiling, and seal the tunnel seams with airtight tape. Finally, they will install the diffuser and trim ring in the ceiling. If the sun is out, your new light will be on! 

Capture sun tunnel.JPG
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Improve your home's efficiency & save with a 26% tax credit.

Save energy & money with a 26% Federal Tax Credit on Solar-Powered skylights and blinds plus installation through December 31, 2021


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We service all communities from Santa Barbara south to Santa Monica.


The Best of the Best in Certified Dealers

Our team has the highest integrity installers for your skylight projects. Sunburst Skylights is one of a select few 5-Star dealers to earn the Signature title - so you can be sure you are getting the best service possible!

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No Leak Warranty

All skylights, and their installation by SUNBURST SKYLIGHTS, are guaranteed not to leak  for 10 years from the date of installation (unless otherwise stated). In addition, each Skylight Manufacturer offers product warranties up to to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer.

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