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Residential Products


Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights

"Fresh Air" skylights open to bring air and natural light into your home. A rain sensor on the solar and electric models automatically closes the skylight when rain is detected. With our No Leak Promise, we keep water and worries out, and sunlight flowing in.

New Skylight

$2,700 - 3,500

Replacement Skylight

$1,900 - 2,200

Electric "Fresh Air" Skylights

The VELUX electric "Fresh Air" Skylight lets abundant natural light flow while blocking heat. Venting reduces the need for air conditioning, and improves indoor air quality, removing moisture, odors, and pollutants. A rain sensor automatically closes the skylight when rain is detected.

New Skylight

$2,900 - 3,700

Replacement Skylight

$2,100 - 2,400

Manual Fresh Air Skylights

The VELUX  No Leak "Fresh Air" manual venting skylight brings light in and keeps heat out. It improves air quality while removing moisture, odors, and pollutants. An operator hook makes it easy to open and close.

New Skylight

$2,000 - 2,800

Replacement Skylight

$1,100 - 1,500


Fixed Skylight

The VELUX  No Leak Fixed Skylight is an economical choice for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in dark spaces. This creates a more spacious and light filled home!

New Skylight

$1,700 - 2,500

Replacement Skylight

$800 - 1,200

Sun Tunnel Skylight

Round tubular skylights are ideal for small dark spaces like closets and hallways. Our VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight features low profile, and flat glass models. Offering a sleek appearance that integrates with the roof line of your home.

New Skylight

$550 - 950

Replacement Skylight

$550 - 950



Close up shade.jpg

Blackout Blinds

Double pleated or flat skylight blinds can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it ideal for rooms that require total room darkening.

Room darkening blinds can improve your energy performance up to 45%!

Cloce up blind.jpg

Light Filtering Blinds

Direct sunlight is no longer an issue with skylights. The VELUX Light Filtering Blind softens and filters the sunlight that enters the room. Perfect for kitchens and living rooms.

Light Filtering Blinds can improve your energy performance as much as 39%!

White venetian blind.jpg

Venetian Blinds

The Venetian skylight blind features make operation simple and convenient, with a control mechanism that allows you to position the skylight blinds at any point on the window.

Venetian skylight blind can improve your energy performance as much as 34%!


From VELUX Active to our home automation integration kit, VELUX provides the most technologically advanced skylight products in the industry!

Controles active.jpg
Electrical motor
Marble Surface

Improve your home's efficiency & save with a 26% tax credit.

Save energy & money with a 26% Federal Tax Credit on Solar-Powered skylights and blinds plus installation through December 31, 2021

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